You love your parents. No one would doubt that, but if you’re in the “sandwich” generation – those individuals who are still raising their own children, maybe holding down full-time jobs themselves and caring for aging parents and loved ones, it can seem like you’re holding down more than one full-time job. Caregivers burnout is a very real malady that strikes many caregivers who are burning the candle at both ends. At Baldwin House Senior Living, we understand, and that’s why we have tips on how a retirement community benefits family caregivers.

If your parents can live on their own but need help with housekeeping, cooking, or even some personal hygiene and getting to and from doctor’s visits, it is a lot for a caregiver to juggle. This is especially true if that caregiver has children and a job.

That’s where a retirement community or a senior living community like Baldwin House Senior Living in Michigan comes in.

We know that there will always be questions and concerns you have before you make a decision to either bring your loved one in for a respite visit or help them look for a new place to live.

How A Retirement Community Benefits Family Caregivers

What are some of the benefits of making a move to a Baldwin House community?

  1. Your loved one will be safe and secure because there are safety features, including staff, security systems, bathroom accommodations for seniors or those with limited mobility and more.
  2. Personal care. Not all communities provide personal care, and if your aging loved one requires it, you will need to understand what is offered, what isn’t and if a certain community is a good fit.
  3. The opportunity to socialize and nip loneliness and depression in the bud. Our communities have game rooms, planned social activities and the option to eat meals with friends.
  4. As a caregiver, you can leave your loved one in one of our communities and rest assured they are enjoying themselves and living in their own beautifully decorated apartment.

Understand your options when you and your loved ones are looking for a community. There are wide ranges of pricing options, care options and long-term care housing available. Find one that suits you now and for the long run.

What are some questions to ask or items to search for when looking for the right community for the senior citizen in your life?

  1. Not only how close they will be to loved ones and shopping centers, but doctors and other caregivers.
  2. The size of the community. Will your parent thrive in a small, more intimate community, or do they do best in a bustling environment?
  3. What services does your loved one need now? What services might they need in the future, and can that be accommodated in the community?
  4. What is the staff-to-resident ratio?
  5. What is the cost?

What are some of the concerns your loved ones might raise when thinking of moving into a retirement or senior living community?

  1. The quality of care they will receive.
  2. The loss of their independence.
  3. Moving out of a home they have known and loved for years.
  4. Making new friends.

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