There are so many things to think about when retirement is looming. Will you take a much-deserved vacation? Will you take up that hobby you’ve always put off? Where will you live? Is it feasible to stay in the family home, or will you move next to your children and grandchildren? You may even be thinking about moving somewhere that will remove the burden and expense of maintenance, upkeep and yard work. If you’re wondering how to choose a retirement community, the senior living professionals at Baldwin House Senior Living in Michigan have answers.

We understand that you are still independent – let’s face it, retirement-age individuals are on the go! Because of that, if you decide to not age in place, a retirement community that provides social activities, access to meals, trips, and most importantly, the ability to make new friends is what you’re probably looking for.

Retirement communities, also known as senior living communities, are catering to active older adults, especially those who want to avoid the isolation that comes with living home alone as you age.

How To Choose A Retirement Community

We have some tips you can use and questions you can ask when you’re looking for a retirement community for yourself or a loved one.

  1. Budget. This is likely the first thing you will be wondering about and asking as you do your research. If you know what your budget is for your living expenses, that will help you narrow down your search to a retirement community that is within your budget.
  2. What kind of activities are offered, and what are you looking for? Is recreation important to you? Pickleball? A gym? Walking trails? Eating meals with other residents might be an activity you are seeking. Does the place you are researching offer meal options? Does going on outings, whether shopping or visiting museums or other local attractions, appeal to you? Know what you want to do in your retirement and ask the community what they offer. Don’t forget to ask if there are additional costs for these activities.
  3. Potential, or eventual, medical care. Are you looking for a retirement community that will allow you to remain in place but with medical assistance? Some retirement communities don’t provide any full-time medical care, while others do provide outsourced medical care to their residents. Be upfront with the community about your current health and with your concerns about where you will live when you can no longer live independently.
  4. Will you be allowed to entertain friends and family – within reason? What if you’re an active older adult who wants to babysit a grandchild? Is that allowed? What about having a pet with you? Can you bring a pet? If so, are there any size restrictions on it? Can you have an outdoor barbecue grill at your apartment? Some communities don’t allow them. Think about the daily activities you enjoy, ensuring you can still maintain that lifestyle.
  5. Do they offer tours or overnight stays? Some retirement communities offer respite stay rooms. You may want to ask if the community you’re considering offers this type of accommodation because this would give you a feeling for the community before you commit to moving in. Even if the retirement community doesn’t offer respite or overnight stays, make certain you ask for a tour and that you feel confident in any move you make.

Enjoy your retirement in a new senior living retirement community!

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