If you or your loved one is looking for a place to move because the decision was made to not age in place, you’re one of many people who are looking into active adult living accommodations. What does active living in Michigan mean? It isn’t a “one-term-fits-all” phrase, but at Baldwin House Senior Living, we know our active adults are looking for maintenance-free living that provides activities and access to other like-minded individuals.

Baldwin House Senior Living communities understand that people are familiar with the terms assisted living, memory care, hospice, senior apartments, senior living and others as it relates to older adult apartments in Michigan.

Active adult living is a term being embraced by Baby Boomers and others who don’t think of themselves as “older” adults or “aging” adults. They are active, want to remain active and want to find a place to live that meets those active needs.

What Does Active Adult Living In Michigan Mean?

Why active adult living?

  1. People are living longer.
  2. People consider themselves active adults rather than senior citizens.
  3. Baby boomers are resisting the idea that they need to move into “assisted living” or a conventional senior housing situation.
  4. Many active adults have the income to pay for the type of lifestyle they want as they age.
  5. Active adults want to come and go as they please, cook their own meals and have access to other individuals who feel as they do.

Active adult living is ideal because the residents who move in can choose the type of apartment they prefer once they downsize from the family home. They will have access to on-site and off-site activities, and they also welcome the safety and secure entrances that communities like Baldwin House Senior Living offer.

What kind of amenities do active adult communities offer and what does active adult living in Michigan mean? They are as varied as the part of the country in which you live. Here are a few amenities some active adult communities provide:

  1. Social activities
  2. No-maintenance living
  3. On-site recreation such as walking paths and game and movie nights, as well as various celebrations throughout the month
  4. Living spaces that are designed for aging in place. If you or your loved one want to find a place to live out their lives, active adult apartments are designed for that. Look for an apartment with walk-in showers, doors that are wide enough to accommodate a walker and other amenities you may need as you age.
  5. Transportation to off-site activities. There is no reason active adults cannot have their vehicle on site, but sometimes it’s nice just to take the on-site transportation to the activities.
  6. Being surrounded by peers who understand where you are in your life, because they are in the same space

Visit a Baldwin House Senior Living community near you and ask about our active adult living options and the activities we plan for our residents. Baldwin House Senior Living is built upon the strong foundation of guiding families and empowering seniors.

Baldwin House combines care with compassion and dignity. We offer families peace of mind and give seniors who call Baldwin House home the freedom to live their very best lives. Call us today to schedule a visit. We’d love to meet you or your loved one!