Valentine’s Day, February 14, is typically seen as a celebration of love and affection, and it’s a perfect opportunity for seniors to reminisce, connect with loved ones and enjoy the warmth of companionship. This is also true for older adults who reside in any of the Baldwin House Senior Living communities in Michigan.

As we approach Valentine’s Day – and move beyond it – we have put together this list of ways to help the older adult in your life experience the fun and joy of Valentine’s Day.

5 Ways to Help Seniors Enjoy Valentine’s Day

Plan a social event. Whether you gather on Valentine’s Day, which falls on a Wednesday this year, or another day entirely, plan a tea party, decorate cookies, make cards and share stories of past Valentine’s days and past (or current) loves. Decorate with pink, red and white balloons, serve pink frothy cocktails and tune the radio to your favorite oldies station and have a dance party. When you live at one of our Baldwin House communities, chances are you will find our activities director has planned a themed day that will encourage social interaction and friendship.

Pick up the phone, plan a visit or make a video call. Connect with loved ones on Valentine’s Day, especially if you can’t make a face-to-face visit happen. Send cards or gifts to loved ones and plan to have them open them when you’re “together” on the phone or a video call. Your aging loved ones will enjoy a handwritten letter or homemade card.

Musical memories matter. Chances are, the senior in your life has a special fondness for the music of their generation. We know that music has a powerful way of evoking memories and emotions. If you’re going to visit your loved one, plan to play some classic love songs or albums they used to enjoy. Many times, our activity directors plan concerts with local musicians who play the favorite tunes our residents love.

Make it a movie marathon day. Host a Valentine’s Day movie screening of classic romantic films – Casablanca comes to mind! Choose light-hearted, romantic comedies, pop some popcorn and enjoy other movie snacks.

Self-care and pampering or a spa day. Plan a day of pampering that could include going to a salon and getting a manicure or a massage. You could enjoy some chair yoga, guided meditation or other physical activities tailored for seniors that focus on relaxation and well-being.

If your loved one has lost his or her spouse or companion, encourage them to share stories of their time together. Write down their memories and ask to see photos and create a scrapbook together.

Valentine’s Day for older adults doesn’t have to focus solely on romantic love. Make your Valentine’s Day celebration a way to acknowledge all forms of love and connection in their lives – their children, grandchildren and the friends they’ve made at Baldwin House.

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