Michigan winters can be long and cold. Our summers are sometimes too short, but our autumns are wonderful. Cooler days and nights, beautiful foliage and knowing that holidays are just around the corner. At Baldwin House Senior Living, we want to share why autumn is the ideal time for active adults to move: 4 reasons.

Fall weather is replete with crisp temperatures, pumpkins and apples on the produce stands. The leaves on the trees are turning brilliant golds and reds. Falling leaves also remind us if we are homeowners that it’s time to get the rakes out and clean up the yard. Before winter in Michigan arrives, the gutters need to be cleaned, air conditioners need to be removed and winterization activities are in full swing. Even if you’re an active adult or Boomer, raking leaves may not be the way you want to spend your free time, right?

Why autumn is the ideal time for active adults to move: 4 reasons

If you enjoy your independence but don’t relish the raking and the upcoming snow shoveling that the change of seasons will inevitably bring, it might be the best time to tour a Baldwin House Senior Living community near you. Our communities welcome active adults, and we also take care of the yard work! Active adults in our communities have access to meals and the chance to meet new friends and can participate in any of the variety of activities our life enrichment directors have planned. Why Autumn Is The Ideal Time For Active Adults To Move: 4 Reasons, read on to find out more!

Here are four great reasons to consider moving into a Baldwin House active adult community.

  1. The weather is ideal for an autumn move. Summer can be hot and humid, and it makes a move uncomfortable. Winter, when the snow is flying and the bitter winds are blowing, is not much better than summer. Spring is typically the rainy season. That leaves autumn as the best time of year to make a move. The weather is cooler, but not cold. Also, if you have a home to sell, any outdoor repairs are best done in autumn weather. Home sales may also be brisk before the holidays, and you can take advantage of that.
  2. A new year sometimes brings the desire for a new home. If you’re thinking about moving and you want to wait until after the holidays – and have that one last holiday gathering in your family home – that’s understandable. Be aware though, that even though autumn is an ideal time to move you could find there is a lot of competition for any available active adult senior living apartments. Moving companies are also busier in the springtime, and you may also find the cost of a move will be at a premium.
  3. Don’t face another winter in your home. The apartments at Baldwin House Senior Living are cozy and warm. We also have options to customize your space (ask us when you take a tour) to help make your new apartment your own. If you are in your home this winter, you will need to navigate icy sidewalks and driveways and have to shovel (or pay a contractor, and that can get costly.) Our communities provide transportation to doctors’ appointments and offer shopping trips and fun outings, and that not only makes it safe, but it makes winter more fun than being stuck in your home. If you live alone, winter can be long and lonely, and isolation can lead to depression. Making a move into an active adult community can alleviate those concerns for both the resident and their family.
  4. You’ll be all settled before the holidays. If you move during autumn, you will have time to get ready to greet the holidays in your new space. Decorate for all the holidays and plan to entertain your friends and loved ones in your new space. Also, when you move in autumn, you will have time to meet residents and make new friends to spend the holidays and those long winter days with.

Staying active and involved and living in a maintenance-free apartment gives active adults more time to enjoy their free time and less time to worry about home repairs and shoveling snow!

Visit a Baldwin House Senior Living community near you and ask what activities we have planned for our residents as we welcome autumn together. Baldwin House Senior Living is built upon the strong foundation of guiding families and empowering seniors.

Baldwin House combines care with compassion and dignity. We offer families peace of mind and give seniors who call Baldwin House home the freedom to live their very best lives. Call us today to schedule a visit. We’d love to meet you or your loved one!