“You’re too old to do that!” “That is only something young people can wear, buy, go…” Let’s bust aging myths because let’s face it – you’re only as old as you feel, right? At Baldwin House Senior Living, we understand that yes, as you age, you may not be as spry as you once were, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a fun, full life!

Many people assume they know what growing old will feel like for them or how they will act in their senior years. You can either “act” old or you can “act” young. We opt for acting young!

Here are some of the myths you may have heard about growing old and we hope to bust aging myths.

  1. Being lonely is part of growing old. This is definitely a myth, and that’s why our life enrichment directors go all-out to plan activities and events to keep our residents, and their loved ones, surrounded by friends. We know it is likely inevitable that as we age, we will lose our loved ones, friends and family. That leads to isolation and loneliness, and that’s why we offer so many opportunities to socialize. Staying connected – whether in person or even via video chats with family and friends – is a way to beat loneliness.
  2. I don’t need as much sleep now as I did when I was younger. This is a myth because you do need sleep. You may not feel as tired and may suffer from insomnia, but you do still need sleep. When you get a healthy night’s sleep, you’re more alert and will stay healthier. If you’re having trouble sleeping, talk with your doctor. When you sleep your body gets a chance to repair and rejuvenate itself and that just leads to healthier aging.
  3. It’s time to kick back and stop learning. Let’s bust this myth! Keeping your mind engaged is important to aging well. Don’t give into negative cognitive changes and think “an old dog can’t learn new tricks” because everyone can keep learning at any stage. Is there a craft or a skill you always wanted to do but never had time for? Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? Now just might be the best time!
  4. You don’t want to exercise; you might get hurt! Chances are you will be more likely to get injured if you don’t get up and get moving.  Move it or lose it is true! Take a walk. March in place when commercials come on when you’re watching television. Get involved in chair yoga or lift light weights to keep your muscles stronger as you age.
  5. Eating healthy, well-balanced meals doesn’t matter “at my age.” This is a myth. Everyone, at every age, benefits from eating fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins and fewer processed foods. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a glass of wine or beer at times, or have a cookie or a piece of candy, but you do want to be mindful of what you eat.

We’re glad we were able to share these common misconceptions about aging because we know aging happily and being healthy is what keeps us young!

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