The professionals at Baldwin House Senior Living community understand making the decision to move into a senior living community may not be an easy one. Because of that, we have put together 7 tips for making moving into senior living fun – or at least the start of a new adventure filled with family, friends and happiness!

Whether you’ve decided you can no longer live alone or your family has been voicing concerns about you continuing to age in place, any of the Baldwin House Senior Living communities could be ideal for the next stage of your life. We also understand you want choices, and we offer that with our Customize Your Space initiative. Ask about the choices we offer to help you put your unique stamp on your new apartment.

Making a move into a senior living community is not one you want to rush into, and we urge you to begin your search for a new home before you need one. Give us a call and we will be happy to take you on a tour of any of our communities.

7 tips for making moving into senior living fun

  1. Go into it with a positive attitude. Even if you’re not sure about transitioning into a senior living situation in Michigan, look at it as a new adventure. When you move into one of our communities, you will have opportunities to eat meals with new friends and to participate in the many on- and off-site activities our staff plans.
  2. Meet new friends. Many older adults have lost their spouses or significant others, their children and grandchildren have moved away and maybe their friends have passed away. Isolation can lead to depression. Our residents can become your new friends and you may find yourself looking forward to sharing a meal together or joining in on a fun event.
  3. Start small. Don’t think you have to pack up fifty years of memories in one fell swoop. If you have family or friends close by, ask them to come and help you clear out and pack up a single room in your house. Ask about the measurements of the new apartment you’ll be moving into because this will help you determine how many of your current possessions will fit in. Some residents invest in new furniture and have it delivered right to their new apartments – something to consider!
  4. Take time to relish the memories. Just because you’re packing up the home you lived in and raised your family in doesn’t mean those memories go away – you carry them with you no matter where you live. Take photos of cherished possessions that you may not want to take with you. Having a photograph will help you downsize without losing your memories of cherished items.
  5. Speaking of photographs… If you have photo albums, consider getting them digitized. There are many electronic devices onto which you can upload your photos and they will show in a rotation, and that makes them easier to enjoy because they’re not in a photo album on a shelf. If you don’t have the tech skills, ask a friend or family member to help. There are also businesses that offer the service of taking your photos and digitizing them for you.
  6. If there are items or pieces of furniture you were going to give to your children, gift them before you move. Your children or family will be able to enjoy them while you’re still with them, and you will know the items have found a loving home with a friend or family member. If you decide to host a moving sale, use the funds you receive to treat yourself to something new for your new apartment.
  7. Ask for help. You don’t have to make this big life transition on your own. Ask friends and family for assistance in packing up items. Discuss your plans for packing up the house and make packing for your new move a way to build new memories.

Moving into a senior living community may be fraught with indecision and could be an anxiety-inducing event – we get it. When you move any time in your life it’s a major life change, and that does bring with it some sadness at leaving what you have known. A new adventure awaits, and if you face it with optimism and excitement, you can truly embrace moving into a senior living apartment and making new friends.

Visit a Baldwin House Senior Living community near you and ask what activities we have planned for our residents as we welcome autumn together. Baldwin House Senior Living is built upon the strong foundation of guiding families and empowering seniors.

We offer families peace of mind and give seniors who call Baldwin House home the freedom to live their very best lives. Call us today to schedule a visit. We’d love to meet you or your loved one!