Independence is prized by everyone and that is especially true for your aging parents and loved ones. Baldwin House Senior Living in Michigan understands that when talking about moving into a senior living community, the loss of independence is one of the biggest fears of an aging adult. The professionals at Baldwin House Senior Living understand that and offer independent living options as well as social interaction activities for aging adults and that helps combat loneliness and depression. 5 Tips For Talking About Moving Into A Senior Living Community to make the conversation easier.

Here are some of the fears your aging adults may have about moving out of their home and into a senior living community.

  1. Admitting they have failing health
  2. Loss of independence
  3. Fears of not being able to afford it
  4. Not wanting to leave their family home
  5. Having to be dependent on others for things they used to do on their own
  6. Feeling lonely and not knowing anyone
  7. Fearing they won’t be allowed to drive any longer

Moving into a senior living community – or even starting the conversation about it – is a delicate matter. It’s an emotional subject but it is best to plan ahead for your loved one – or yourself – to not be able to live alone. No one wants to make a spur-of-the-moment decision on something as major as moving out of the family home and into a senior living community.

5 Tips For Talking About Moving Into A Senior Living Community

Here is our best advice for starting the conversation

  1. Gather information. Don’t talk with your aging relatives about what may or might happen. Offer some options that you’ve researched the pricing and levels of care and independence as well as activities provided.
  2. Talk with other family members. Don’t go it alone and just talk with your aging relatives. All family members should be on board and support the decision that it might be in the best interest of your aging loved one to make a move into a senior living community.
  3. Don’t give an ultimatum. It makes sense for you to do research, but don’t tell your aging parent, “you will be moving here.” Give them options. Unless they are having cognitive difficulties, they should be involved in the process and make their own decisions.
  4. Don’t bring it up at a family gathering. That will be too overwhelming and your loved one may feel as though everyone has been “talking about them behind their backs” and they may also feel “ganged up on.” Find a quiet time to have a conversation and if one or two of your family wants to be in attendance that might be best so your family can see it’s a supportive effort to help keep them safe.
  5. Be empathetic. Your parents will not want to feel as though they are being “parented” by you. Listen to their feelings, their fears and all their concerns. Don’t brush them aside and tell them, “don’t worry about it.” Let them have and voice their fears and concerns.

Visit a Baldwin House Senior Living community near you and ask what activities we have planned for our residents as we welcome autumn together. Baldwin House Senior Living is built upon the strong foundation of guiding families and empowering seniors.

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